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001 - From Zero to One Million: How Colby Maier Became a Social Media Sensationa

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Unlocking the Secrets of Social Media Success: The Inspiring Journey of Colby Maier, Church Planter and Digital Missionary In this episode, we dive deep into Colby Maier's journey of becoming a successful social media influencer, pastor, and church planter. We explore his practical strategies for growing an engaged online community, creating meaningful content, and leveraging social media to reach a wider audience. Listeners will learn valuable insights and actionable tips to help them take their own social media game to the next level.

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[00:00:00] Justin: It has never been easier to reach millions with the gospel than ever before. And in this podcast, I wanna give you the tools that you need to do exactly this. My name is Justin Khoe, and you are listening to the Digital Missions podcast. Yo Justin here, and you are listening to the Digital Missions Podcast, where our goal is to equip pastors like you with the skills needed to reach your first million people with the gospel.

[00:00:25] And listen, we're not just talking about reaching people with trendy dancing [00:00:30] videos or memes, we're talking about real reach, real discipleship. And real life change. In each episode of the show, we hear from some of the leading digital missionaries out there and glean from their years of experience on how to grow an audience, break through the noise, and get to the point where we're seeing people make the life-changing decision to follow Jesus because of social media content empowered by the Holy Spirit.

[00:00:51] My guest for today's episode is a church planter from Oregon Conference. Pastor Colby creates content on TikTok on Instagram, and most recently on YouTube [00:01:00] with a combined reach of nearly one million followers. His content has not only hit the 1 million mark, but surpass that by a long shot. Like many of us Colby's journey in ministry wasn't his plan A.

[00:01:11] In fact, his original hope was to play pro basketball when a life-changing injury inevitably ended up introducing him to Jesus. How exactly is this possible through a good mentor and a really good film.

[00:01:23] Colby: So the way I came to Faith was through Joseph King of Dreams, the animation film. So yeah, when I was, that's a [00:01:30] crazy story, but when I was, uh, you know, injured and so I was just, you know, resting my ankle and, uh, my team went to Las Vegas to play in this, uh, major, uh, high school basketball tournament with all these, uh, division one scouts.

[00:01:40] Um, and I had to stay back and that I was just flipping through the TV and came across this animation. It was Joseph King of Dreams. I came to faith through the Joseph. King of dreams and that animation just spoke into my life. So a media multimedia, like that's part of,

[00:01:55] Justin: what was it about the film that did so much?

[00:01:57] Was it the, uh, that you know better than I Song?

[00:02:00] Colby: [00:02:00] Dude, it's the You bro, bro. When that, it hit, it hit When that, when that song went on, dude, I was just waterfalls bro. I was just like, I was a mess. And literally that summer I read my Bible from beginning, from front to cover. They now looking back on, had a plan, so.

[00:02:14] Justin: So at some point in the journey, you start formally doing ministry, what was the beginning of your ministry like? What were some of the challenges or frustrations or really what were some of the goals that you had when you first started in ministry?

[00:02:24] Colby: My first kind of ministry position or job description, or Dude, I was, uh, people don't know this, actually, I [00:02:30] haven't told many people about this, but like the very first like ministry assignment that I was given, I was, uh, I ran the soundboard, so I, I did all of the soundboard, all the lighting for our local church before I was up on a platform, before I ever had a platform and before I ever, ever had a microphone, I was in the background.

[00:02:46] I did that for y for a couple years, you know, before I ever even gave a message or a sermon. So I think the Lord, what he was really doing in that season of. Was just teaching me humility. You know what's crazy? It was like when you come to faith and you, you recognize that [00:03:00] everything you believed in, you had it all upside down and like God puts it right side back up again.

[00:03:04] And I had such a transformed heart, just like a total revolution of the way I thought my mind was being made new.

[00:03:09] Justin: So you make the transition from soundboard engineer extraordinary, and eventually you're going all in on ministry. Was it actually that simple? Did you go straight to school afterwards, become a pastor, or was there a bit of a detour along the way?

[00:03:21] Colby: So my parents really raised me in a great home. And they had invested so much in the game of basketball, like on my behalf. I mean, they brought me, man, they drive every [00:03:30] single weekend in the winter they would drive from Cologna BC all the way to the lower mainland Vancouver, British Columbia, to pit meadows so I could play in, in elite, uh, basketball training camps.

[00:03:40] Um, and we did that every weekend for over the course of five, six years. You know, think about that. So that's a lot of time that they put into it. So, We're really wrestling with this kind of this reorientation or, or I guess this repurposing of passion. I was so passionate about the game and now I was so passionate about ministry and about the [00:04:00] Bible, and about about theology.

[00:04:02] I mean, their hope, their hopes were probably that I'd be playing like NBA or like I'd be playing on the Lakers with Kobe or something like that. But I had, I think it always had, like even though a high school kid dreams about that, I think I always had my, my feet on the ground at best I could play overseas.

[00:04:17] Justin: Um, talking about what you're doing currently, I'm really curious.

[00:04:20] You mentioned kind of whispers of how medium and production all play into your journey, um, but I'm wondering if there's a moment where it just kind of hits you in the face when you realize, oh wow, there's, there's a way [00:04:30] that we've always done it, like pastoring and teaching and whatever the way that you would think of ministry before to now the world seems to be opening up quite a bit more.

[00:04:37] There's a new way to do this and I'm wondering if you had a moment where you just were really struck by this.

[00:04:42] Colby: I think I've always been a big analog guy. Like I, I think it, it comes with, I think for me it comes with the territory of, of being an athlete. Like you're very hands on. You wanna like, really, you know, be in a, in a, in a physical situation or kind of position yourself, you know, where there's touch, taste, [00:05:00] smell, sight, you know, you're kind of in that analog sensor experience.

[00:05:03] Um, and so for me, like, uh, I, I, I guess digital ministry or just digital evangelism or just the digital world, I've always kind of had, um, not an affinity to it. It's uh, it's actually been the opposite. I've kind of always had this, this. Um, because I really appreciate, and I still do really value analog experiences like I think we're meant to be in relationship together.

[00:05:25] I think we're meant to have the, the have communion and, and do [00:05:30] baptism like, and so I always kind of had, there's a bit of a chasm there, but I, I always felt the Lord was, was saying, this is where people are. Well, I think Jesus came from heaven to earth to meet us on our level, and you meet people. in their bedroom because they're on their phone at 2:00 AM in the morning, scrolling through TikTok, scrolling through reels, and my face shows up and I'm praying over their life and I'm praying over their stress, and I'm praying over their anxiety.

[00:05:54] I'm speaking, hoping to them. That's meeting people at where they are, even before the pandemic, like God was telling me to enter [00:06:00] the digital space and do ministry in that way. But like I would probably say fear was the greatest impediment to me being online. What will people think about me? What will they, will they like me?

[00:06:08] Will they agree with me? Will they disagree with like, you know what worthy all the unknowns and. It's ultimately not about that, you know, it's about, uh, being bold, being about the gospel and, and loving people and encouraging them and putting the hope of Christ in them. Just get out there, just jump out head first.

[00:06:22] Like, you know, we live today, we die tomorrow. Like, just go for it. Just don't allow fear to get in the way. You know? So that was kinda my men, that was the hump that got [00:06:30] me over. I was just like, you know what? I don't care what other people think. I'm gonna do what God called me to do and just. Get out there.

[00:06:34] Justin: We're gonna hear exactly how Pastor Colby got started in online ministry, but I wanted to acknowledge that you're gonna hear the sentiments in nearly every episode of this podcast. Don't allow fear to stop you. Just do it and get started today. And you might be sitting there thinking to yourself, okay, I get it, but where exactly do I start?

[00:06:50] How do I start? And if this is you, I have some free training courtesy of our partners, the Adventist learning community that I would love to send. To get access to this training, all you have to do is send me an email [00:07:00] requesting it at Now, don't worry if you didn't get to write that down.

[00:07:05] I'll mention it one more time by the end of this podcast so we can continue with Pastor Colby's story.

[00:07:10] Colby: Okay. Actually, this is a cool story. So one of the TikTok OGs, uh, Jacob Coyne, he was, I don't know if you've, you've seen Jacob around, but he's a good, he's a good friend of mine. He got on TikTok. At the right time and he was one of the first Christian content creators to get on TikTok.

[00:07:26] And so this man, just like, he was posting like three, four [00:07:30] Tiktok's a day and he was just going at it. And honestly, after him kind of, everybody started, they saw the, the kind of the traction and people were like, yo, you gotta get on TikTok. All the Gen Zers are on TikTok started moving to TikTok. Me and Jacob had wanted to meet up for a while and so met up with him and he just kind of, uh, just really encouraged me and just told me to go for it.

[00:07:46] And he is like, dude, you're doing great. I think my first account, I think it reached almost, I think it was about 200 k on TikTok.

[00:07:52] Justin: You're on multiple different platforms. Would you mind giving us a kind of a recap of where you're presently and what's kind of the current reach of these platforms?

[00:07:59] Colby: [00:08:00] Yeah, so I'm on YouTube.

[00:08:02] TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, what else am I on? Yeah, I think that's, I think those are my, those are my, I, I guess the ones that I kind of revolve around. Yeah. So those are the kind of the, the ones that I'm sticking to.

[00:08:12] Justin: So when was one of those moments for you where you're like, oh, God is actually using this in a really serious way?

[00:08:18] Colby: I think it, it probably started, I started to see in the comments the nature of those who were coming to Jesus for the first time. Atheists, agnostics, people who had written God off or spirituality off. [00:08:30] And they say, look, I'm an A, I've been an atheist for the. You know, 10 years of my life, 15 years of my life or whatever, wanted nothing to do with God.

[00:08:39] But this video, your video changed my whole orientation and this is a one minute video. You wouldn't think it could do something that serious. But more importantly, less than the video itself. What I really think is the consistency in showing up and communicating life and, and, and just like, I think if it's just one you just put in a video one time.

[00:08:58] I mean, sure it might that hit someone might go [00:09:00] viral. Sure. But I think the consistency and. Building and building and just compounding, compounding, um, both the algorithm itself, but also like, you know, I, I just think you're showing up in people's lives, in their rooms on that device. You build an affinity and you build, you build trust with people that way.

[00:09:17] You gotta show up. I show up every day. Two to three times per day on every platform. People see that. They build that trust, and I have an opportunity then to speak life truth in the gospel into their hearts.

[00:09:29] Justin: Yeah, I think this [00:09:30] shouldn't be overlooked. Like how many times in a given day are people shared anything that's slightly less than the gospel?

[00:09:35] People are filled with doom and gloom all the time. They're stressed out about the news, they're stressed out about. They have people actively in their life telling them that they're nothing, that they're no good, all these different kinds of things. And for maybe those of you guys who are raised in a good Christian home, you're like, what are you talking about?

[00:09:50] That that's not how people are going about life. No, there are many people who go through life never hearing a positive word, never hearing any kind of encouragement or any sense of hope, and you're showing up day after [00:10:00] day telling them that they matter, that God sees them, that God loves them, and, and this is radically transformative.

[00:10:06] Colby: There was a 14 year old. That reached out to me over YouTube and, uh, he said, dude, I came across one of your prayer videos. I was about to take my life. He said, I saw that video and I decided to stay here. And bro, that still, that still gets me.

[00:10:20] Justin: Oh, it's a solemn thing to realize that what we do online echoes in eternity.

[00:10:25] A single post, a single tweet or a single video can literally be the [00:10:30] difference between life and. And it's because of stories like this that we press on, we hit record, and ultimately we're willing to upload by faith because we know that the Holy Spirit is using what we put in his hand. What do you, what do you think it was about the prayer videos that touched him in such a deeply personal way?

[00:10:49] Colby: I, I think God meets us at where we are and, um, I can't explain the nature of it. All I know is I said yes and then God does the rest. I started [00:11:00] with a lot of prayer videos, like probably, I would say half of my content was prayer videos. Uh, when I first started, I would try to do like, you know, one, one Bible verse a day, then one prayer video a day.

[00:11:10] But I think prayer, what it does is it really speaks past the, the cognitive, logical, rational kind of humanistic side of. Wiring of our brains, the, the left hemisphere of the brain, and it goes right into the core. Like it goes right into the spirit. It goes right into the heart and the soul. Cause I'm not trying to teach someone something.

[00:11:29] I'm [00:11:30] trying to speak hope. I'm trying to penetrate their heart and penetrate their mind with, with with, with the life of Christ.

[00:11:35] Justin: Um, I'm, I'm curious about some of the obstacles that you face. You know, I, I love these success stories. I love the testimonies of lives literally saved as a result of what God is doing through the ministry.

[00:11:44] But I'm gonna guess that it's not all sunshine and rainbows. Um, in fact, I know this because you and I get to talk in the background a lot that things aren't always smooth sailing. Can you, can you talk to me about some of the obstacles and the challenges, the setback? The moments where you're like, ah, I don't know if it's worth it anymore.

[00:11:59] Can [00:12:00] you talk to me about those moments? But more specifically, I'm really curious about the self-talk. What is, what is a narrative when faced with those moments, uh, when you want to kind of give things up, what are you returning back to?

[00:12:11] Colby: So, just recently, my second TikTok account got restricted and there is a tendency, and I think it's probably because of the time, you know, whenever you put a lot of time into something, you get, you build an affinity with that.

[00:12:26] whether it's ministry or your job of vocation or career, whatever, [00:12:30] relationship, whatever, it's whatever you, you invest time and energy into you, you have this affinity with it. And I think the danger with, with social media is getting into a place, especially, and I'm coming this from a, from a digital kind of evangelist point of view, but I think it applies universally.

[00:12:46] I think the danger of it is getting into a place where we put our names. on God's platform. The temptation is to think that, that I own this thing, that this [00:13:00] thing is mine. You know, it's got, it's got your name on it. And I think the temptation is to think you, you get possessive of something. Dude, this is not about us.

[00:13:08] This is not about me. And, and we get into, caught up in thinking that it is somehow, you know, even though it's our pla it's our name on it, but like it's god's like ultimately this is for the kingdom. And so just getting into a posture, into a heart place where I. Whether I get banned on YouTube or TikTok or Instagram or whatever it is.

[00:13:27] I'm gonna preach the gospel. I'm gonna tell people [00:13:30] that Jesus died for them, that he loved them. He, he lived a life that they couldn't live. He died of death, that they deserved to die, and he rose again for them. And if, if I give bad, it's God's like it's, it's his. He can do what he wants with it, but it's not gonna keep me from, from honoring him and glory.

[00:13:43] So that, that, that, to answer your question like that for me has been a struggle where I. Sometimes I think it's, it's, I own it. I get possessive, but, um, first Corinthians, I love it. It's first Corinthians 10 26 says the Earth is the Lord's and everything in it. So it's like you can't get possessive. It's, [00:14:00] it's already god's.

[00:14:01] Justin: Yeah. Love it. I, I, I'd love to hear some of the stories of how the digital world and what you're doing online is actually showing up in your local church, because this is one of the major objections, which I think for me is already kind of a, a question mark in my mind. Like, why is the only reason why you'd start an online ministry?

[00:14:17] So I'd actually love to hear how your local church, how is your local team being impacted by what you're doing online?

[00:14:24] Colby: For me, I don't even draw, like I used to draw a hard boundary line between, like when we talk about [00:14:30] church, we talk about those people who are physically present in the building, and I no longer do that.

[00:14:34] I mean, the art, like, I think, I think going live and livestream is, is just a much of a, a, of a presence in a sense of people being connected to what we believe in, our values, our mission. And if they get connected to all that other stuff, the other stuff will come. But it's like, it's a starting point for somebody like, you know, and it's a starting place for them and, and, um, so I, I think for so often, I, I kind [00:15:00] of, I had you.

[00:15:02] Kind of had disconnected those two, those two things. But I see them as, as, as really as one. And we've had, we've had people, especially in the last few months, we've had, man, I would probably say maybe 30 plus people, maybe more come through, um, and have been like, Hey, saw you online, saw, watched a TikTok, watched a I uh, IG reel.

[00:15:22] Watch the YouTube. . And, uh, I want to come or I want to be baptized by you. Maybe they're like from Cincinnati and I don't allow that. [00:15:30] Like, I'm like, dude, I know, but it's, it's, I'm like, dude, Donah, like, like, well, I'll f I'll help you find a local church. I'll tag you into a local church in Cincinnati. Um, and I know of some pastors, I know other digital evangelists and, and Christian pastors who are, who are heavy online.

[00:15:44] They'll just invite people. and they like a baptism Sunday thing, and they'll invite all these people in and on the weekend, and then they'll do this huge baptism thing with people who live all over and then they leave, and then they go, and then they're, you know, part of baptism is being part of that community.

[00:15:58] Like it's, it's essential that you're a [00:16:00] part of a community. So, if you were to, yeah, it's just a tough one and, and people have mixed convictions on that, but for me it's like if you're, if you're living in Cincinnati, like I, I would, I would love that you would join our worldwide community, but you need to, in some sense, in some way, you need to be a part of an analog experience of a Christian community.

[00:16:18] Whether it's a small group or whether it's like some type of church. You have to have touch to touch. You gotta be there so you can be a part of our community, but like be somewhere with other Christians having the Lords suffer.

[00:16:29] Justin: [00:16:30] Thinking about the state of tomorrow's church or, you know, years into the future, you.

[00:16:34] Your neck deep in the real physical planting of a church community, and you're also quite involved online, perhaps more than nearly all the pastors that I know, and you're getting to see where these two worlds collide. Can you talk to me about what you're envisioning about the Church of Tomorrow? What are we seeing with the challenges of Christianity declining in the West and the rise of this new form of pseudo community?

[00:16:57] This new form of connection, what are you envisioning for the [00:17:00] Church of Tomorrow?

[00:17:00] Colby: So I see the Church of Tomorrow being one that delicately balances the analog experiences and day-to-day human connection with other Christians. Both said, all the sensory experiences part of that and one that trailblazers, one that kind of jumps head first into this new kind of immersive reality.

[00:17:22] Which is becoming Web three and the Metaverse, um, because I don't think it's one without the other. I think the church in the future, the [00:17:30] Church of Tomorrow isn't merely the analog and we abandon everything that's new in the digital world, in the immersive reality of VR and all that comes with augmented reality and everything else.

[00:17:39] But I think it's one that maintains the integrity of meeting together in person and also. Moving forward with the technology, uh, with immersive virtual digital experiences that can connect people all across the world into digital spaces that become so close to reality. Right. [00:18:00] That when you would compare them, they're almost indistinguishable, I think.

[00:18:04] Wow. How could God use that? Like, how could God, you know, imagine I'm speaking in. But we're, we're, we're, you know, VR we're doing, doing some immersed reality, and all of a sudden someone is hearing my tongue in English being communicated and translated in Vietnamese or being translated, you know what I'm saying?

[00:18:25] Like, wow. The gospel is going to [00:18:30] explode to, and yet it feels like we're having an experience. It feels right to some degree. We have, we have sight, we have, we have auditory. We we're connected in some sensory experiences, but we're sharing this, this virtual immersed reality where it feels like we're having an experience together in a digital space.

[00:18:48] And for some people that might be as close to them as we ever get.

[00:18:52] Justin: We are nearing the end of this episode, but before you click away, you need to hear Pastor Colby. In this next section we were talking about the importance of having [00:19:00] clarity on your niche, clarity on your message, clarity on the value that you bring to your audience.

[00:19:05] If you wanna have any hope in a breaking through the noise.

[00:19:07] Colby: Yeah. I feel like this is gonna. That's very, a very generalized, uh, response, but it's basically like faith, inspiration, encouragement, um, you know, kind of a hybrid of all those things. Like it's just literally encouraging people, uh, with the good news of Jesus.

[00:19:25] And that looks like so many different avenues noise in which we can do that. [00:19:30] Right? That looks like prayer. That looks like speaking a word of encouragement from the scriptures that looks like. , just giving them a different perspective or opinion on, on their situation or empathy. Like, one thing that I think, that I think that I have been told and kind of looking back in reflection is like, dude, I don't know how it how it is, but people, like in your videos, I, I sense that you empathize with my pain or with my, my, my situation.

[00:19:56] It's not, you know, personalized empathy. I don't know exactly what they're going through, [00:20:00] but there's a. The scope of human suffering and pain and injustice. And so you try to empathize with that ubiquitous feeling that people have and the sense of out there that there's something wrong, there's something off with our world, and I'm, I'm the recipient of that, of that pain, right?

[00:20:14] So for me, I'm just like, I really feel like empathy in those videos, like, hey, Like, just like really communicating your heart for people and God's heart for people through, through a camera. You know, just trying to speak life into people. Just trying to give them hope to live another day. [00:20:30] Like really, that's, that's it.

[00:20:31] And the gospel does that so, so much better than anything. I could put words to. .

[00:20:35] Justin: That's, that's brilliant. What I'm, what I'm hearing you say is that your niche is less articulated in, um, categories of content or themes per se, but your niche is much more about how it makes a person feel and the, and, and hope.

[00:20:47] And so if anything, it seems like you're targeting their heart, not their head. And, and what you want them to do is you want them to come away from watching a content with the same feeling every single time that

[00:20:57] Colby: they. Exactly, exactly. I'm not trying [00:21:00] to, I'm not trying to get people to, to, to go from like, um, from an Armininan to, to go to a Calvinist from, from free will position to god's like total so absolute sovereign.

[00:21:09] Like if that's not my thing, like whether you're arminian, Calvin free will, it's like, I don't, I don't, like, I think there's a place for that and there's a place for deep theological discussion. Um, but I, I just, I find a way, I, I, I guess my desire is. Just kind of meet people at where they are and just talk to their heart and, and, and God does the rest.

[00:21:28] You know, cuz I, [00:21:30] I think, uh, you know, one of the best ways to connect with people is, and through their pain, you know, it's true. People, everyone has pain points. And so what people are looking for is, is some resolution, some, some answers or some comfort, right? And so I just try to comfort people with the comfort of God in the same way that I've been comfort.

[00:21:47] If I just get one video that goes viral, whose life can impact who? Whose life, who will see that? Maybe the kid, the 14 year old kid who's about to take his life and you told. Dude, don't give up. Christ got a plan for your life. You know, this is not the [00:22:00] end. This is the beginning. God's gonna do something new in your life.

[00:22:02] There's a 14 year old kid, that one kid, that one video that you posted that went viral. That's why I tell people, like, just keep posting. Just go for it if you get banned. I know. I love, I have friends that had a million followers, some over that, some just under that. They got their, their account banned.

[00:22:15] One, one of my buddies, a 1.8 million followers on TikTok, got bad. He opened up a new account, started preaching again, and then he got banned on that account. He opened another one, started preaching. , and I think that's just the nature of it. Like I, I don't view TikTok as something that, um, in terms of ministry, that you're building this [00:22:30] thing that's gonna accrue in and amass and pay massive dividends in the future.

[00:22:33] It may and it may not, but at the end of the day, it's like, why are we on there to begin with? Before every video I try to pray and say, God, Just like whoever needs to see this, like this is yours. Like whoever needs to see this, like just bathe each video in prayer. Like, you know how we bathe, we talk about bathing sermons in prayer.

[00:22:50] I bathe one minute pieces of short form content in so much prayer because I literally believe it changes things. So I don't, I don't wanna just say 'em about prayer. I don't wanna just pray in public. I don't wanna just [00:23:00] pray over people. I actually wanna be someone who lives a life of prayer, and that happens in the secret place behind closed doors over every piece of content that I.

[00:23:08] I think that just what's been heavy on my heart is just always asking, like, asking myself why I do it. Um, just continue to, to ground yourself in, in the question, why do I do this? Like, and if it was all taken away tomorrow, how would you, where would you be? Like if you grew like to a million followers or whatever like that you had this huge platform that God was just speaking to.[00:23:30]

[00:23:30] En mass through it. And if it's not for the one I, I would really call you into reflection and to ask yourself, why am I doing this? God honors those who honor him, and so put him first in everything you do. And, uh, He'll breathe on it. He'll breathe on it.

[00:23:48] Justin: Unfortunately, that's all the time that we have for today's podcast.

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